Diversity & Inclusion at Cracker Barrel

At Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, the ideals of fairness, mutual respect and equal opportunity for all people are at the core of our corporate culture and the driving force behind everything we do. Our holistic approach to diversity and inclusion helps facilitate and authenticate the relationships we have with our guests and suppliers, enabling us to effectively engage with the communities in which we serve. From each guest who walks through our doors to the diverse suppliers we do business with, we value what everyone brings to the table and believe that each person should be treated that way.

Why Diversity and Inclusion Matter to Us

Enhance the Core - Workplace

We strive to recruit, develop, and retain a high performance workforce that reflects the communities in which we operate. Workforce and community demographics are changing. As the economy continues to recover, the competition to attract and retain top talent is only increasing. At Cracker Barrel, we create a best place to work culture to ensure our business success.

Employee Resource Groups

At Cracker Barrel, we believe that it’s impossible to take care of our guests without taking care of our employees first. Employee Resource Groups exist to do just that—to engage, develop and connect our employees through a wide range of programs, events, and community outreach projects.

  • Women’s Connect
  • Inspiring Women Leaders
  • Growing Millennial Talent and Strengthening the Cracker Barrel Brand
  • LGBT Alliance
  • Promoting LGBT Awareness and Building Workplace Inclusion
  • United Cultural Awareness Network
  • Embracing Our Cultures to Enhance the Employee Experience
  • Cracker Barrel Military Volunteers
  • Supporting employees and brand initiatives by providing Veteran-centric consultation and support to recruiting, retention and marketing programs.

Supplier Diversity

Our vendors and suppliers are a key ingredient in our commitment to Pleasing People®, helping us provide the products and services our guests enjoy. Learn more.

Expand the Footprint – Marketplace

Increase Cracker Barrel’s footprint in diverse markets.

Guest and suppliers in our industry are becoming increasingly diverse – ultimately making their needs and experiential requirements more diverse. We must be able to understand, interface, partner, and respond to these needs in ways that carry on our tradition of hospitality, fairness and mutual respect.

Extend the Brand - Community

Support the economic health and sustainability of the communities where we live, work, operate, and serve.

In the community exist our current employees, guests, and suppliers. In the community exist our future employees, guest, and suppliers. We must be positioned to relate to, engage, and support them.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Mission and Vision

Mission Statement
Leveraging the power of our diversity to create and foster engagement in the workplace, win in the marketplace, and make a difference in our communities.
Vision Statement
To create a high performance organization by leveraging the uniqueness of every employee throughout Cracker Barrel in a manner that benefits our guests, our communities and one another.